Research Interests

Asset pricing models, option pricing and volatility smiles, risk modeling and measurement, business data analytics, financial econometrics, financial distress and international financial markets.

Research Skills

Proficient with MATLAB and MAPLE; wrote numerous routines for data processing, financial modeling, simulation, estimation and symbolic computation. Proficient with Microsoft office and excel.

Publications (selected articles)

My research has received over 2,854 Google Scholar citations.

“Consequences of Outlier Returns for Event Studies: A Methodological Investigation and Treatment,” The International Journal of Accounting, Forthcoming (P. Theodossiou and A. Theodossiou).  

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Working papers

“Risk Measures for Investment Values and Returns Based on Skewed-Heavy Tailed Distributions: Analytical Derivations and Comparison,” Under review, (P. Theodossiou). 

“Modelling the Stochastic Behavior of Bitcoin Through a Conditionally Asymmetric and Leptokurtic GARCH-M Model,” Under review (C. Savva, P. Ellina and P. Theodossiou). 

“Electricity Pricing Using a Periodic GARCH-M Model with Conditional Skewness and Kurtosis Components,” Under Review, (F. Ioannidis,  K. Kosmidou, C. Savva and P. Theodossiou).
“Modeling the Risk and Return Relationship using Alternative Probability Models, work in progress (C. Savva and P. Theodossiou).

“Modeling Volatility Surfaces Using a Generalized Option Pricing Model with Skewness and Kurtosis,” work in progress, (R. Lupu, T. Malliaris and P. Theodossiou).

“Generalized Option Pricing Model with Conditional Volatility and Conditional Skewness,” work in progress (P. Theodossiou).

“Properties of Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Regression Models with Skewed Generalized Cauchy Errors,” working paper, almost complete. (P. Theodossiou)

“Impact of Outliers on Stock Return Models and the Pricing of Risk,” work in progress. (P. Theodossiou)

“Option Pricing when Log-returns are Skewed and Leptokurtic,” under revision (P. Theodossiou and L. Trigeorgis) (17 citations).

Monograph and Textbook

“Skewness and Financial Modeling,” a quantitative finance monograph with MATLAB routines for advance graduate and doctoral students (probability distributions; computation and simulation; robust regression estimation; asset pricing and GARCH models; option pricing; value-at-risk and risk measurement; and classification), in English, 370 pages, seven of ten chapters completed.

“Financial Analysis and Applications,’’ with solutions manual, intermediate level textbook, Sofia Publications, Thessaloniki, Greece, 914 pages, in Greek.